COVID-19 Issues

Monty Crawford is able to advise clients on the legal issues and implications of the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic, including contractual, commercial, employment, insurance and regulatory issues. Monty remains up to date on the latest orders, regulatory requirements, and legal issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is well-positioned both to advise clients in these uncertain times, and to provide effective representation in COVID-19 related regulatory and litigation disputes.


Contractual obligations are thrown into uncertainty in the circumstances of a pandemic.  Well-written contracts can help to minimize problems. Poorly written contracts can expose businesses to increased levels of liability. Whether a company is liable for certain obligations under the circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic may depend on the specific language in the contract in question.  Monty Crawford has the experience and expertise to guide companies and individuals through these issues.


The level of insurance claims coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic will be unprecedented. From the inability to fulfill contracts due to closures and cancellations for public health reasons, insurance policies will be interpreted and contested for years to come. Specific terms, conditions and provisions in individual insurance policies will be extremely important.  Monty Crawford has over twenty-five years of experience with litigation involving insurance companies and has the experience and expertise to guide companies and individuals through these novel issues.


Multiple agencies within the State of Maryland and the federal government continue to implement regulatory requirements in an attempt to address concerns created by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Monty Crawford is able to advise local companies on the regulatory issues that apply to them, maintain compliance, and counsel companies on how to prepare for what may come next.


The COVID-19 pandemic will likely result in increased litigation, as the disease disrupts all aspects of the economy. Disputes over commercial contracts, insurance coverage, regulatory enforcement, and tort claims are all expected to increase and raise novel issues. Monty Crawford has the litigation experience and expertise needed to help clients pursuing or facing litigation in the aftermath of COVID-19.